Aiden Gregorich Driver

Resides in Cheshire, CT

Born May 21st 2008

Aiden  is a 3rd generation driver. His Grandfather Max (OPA) began racing in the 60’s. His father Eric starting racing Go karts in the 80’s at the age of 7 and quickly moved through the ranks to Open wheel sprint cars by the time he was 15 years old.

Aiden was very interested in anything with a motor, steering wheel or handle bars at a very young age. He was driving battery powered cars at 1.5 years old and doing so in close quarters with no issues. He was on his first gas quad at 3 years old, on his first dirt bike just before his fourth birthday. From just about birth this kid had racing fuel in his blood.  Aiden was ready to get behind the wheel of a Go Kart in the KID KART division which starts at 5 years old. He started putting laps in at the local commercial parking lot getting ready for when he turned 5. Aiden unfortunately missed the first three races of the season because he wasn’t 5 yet.  After officially turning 5 the next weekend he showed up at the track and well…the rest is history.  He has won every feature race he have entered dirt track and road course. In his short career he has over 40 wins under his belt, he was blessed with a God given talent and  with the help of his father and grandfather he gets better every time he gets behind the wheel.

Stay tuned and we shall see where Aiden’s racing career will bring him!