Honda & Clone products:

GAGE Motorsports

GAGE Motorsports is proud to announce its new GX200/Clone/Predator cylinder head made specifically for the DIY or professional engine builder. This comes as a bare head but all the basic machining has been completed. Just needs your porting and combustion chamber magic along with whatever size valve seats you designed. The head has been specially cast for GAGE and has no welds.

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Purchases can be made through:
Stout Racing Engines in TN –
ARC in GA – https://www.arcracing.com/

Black Venom (BV) Series Roller Rockers GX200 /270 / 390

  • CNC machined from Billet Aircraft Aluminum.
  • Trunnion Needle Bearings.
  • Hardened Trunnion.
  • GX270 / 390 series include angled trunnion to eliminate twisting of rockers.
  • Valve Cover Stud and Nut included for GX390 and GX270.
  • Dyno testing shows minimum 0.4 hp gain over our Blue GAGE series.
  • Race Proven
  • Available Ratios: GX200 1:1.0, 1:1.2, 1:1.3, 1:1.35
  • Available Ratios: GX270/390 1:1.2, 1:1.3

GAGE Motorsports

Roller Rockers for the GX200 / 270 / 390

  • CNC machined from Billet Aircraft Aluminum.
  • Bearing Grade Bronze Bushings.
  • GX390 and 270 series include angled trunnion to eliminate twisting of rockers.
  • Dyno tested to over 10,500 RPM proven to make more hp than all our competitors.
  • Race Proven.

Available Ratios: 1:1.0, 1:1.2, 1:1.3


GAGE Motorsports

F1 Valve seats and guides

  • CNC machined from the same material F1 engines use.
  • When installed per instructions, will make a perfect seal at operating temperature eliminating any combustion chamber leaks through the valves.
  • Dissipates heat as quickly as aluminum.
  • Available sizes: (in mm) 28, 32, 36 and 40.

GAGE Motorsports

Billet Aluminum Valve Cover Spacer

  • Available for GX200 and GX390
  • GX390 includes Stud and Nut

Chevy Big Block:

GAGE Motorsports

Black Venom (BV) Series Roller Rockers for BB Chevy

Brodix 18 degree Heads

  • CNC machined from billet aircraft aluminum.
  • Unique design eliminates harmonic vibrations.
  • Nose Roller and Trunnion Needle Bearings.
  • Dyno proven more torque through the entire curve as compared to the best competitor.
  • Available Ratios: 1:1.7
  • Custom Ratios by request.