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GAGE Stock Appearing (S/A) WarHead

Available valve combinations
for WarHead-S/A ™

Valve Combination,
Intake/Exhaust (Part No)
28/24mm (145-WarHead-28/24)
28/23mm (146-WarHead-28/23)
27/24mm (147-WarHead-27/24)
27/3mm (148-WarHead-27/23)
29/25mm (153-WarHead-29/25)
29/24mm (154-WarHead-29/24)
29/23mm (155-WarHead-29-23)
25/23mm (160-WarHead-25/23)
25/24mm (161-WarHead-25/24)
27/25mm (185-WarHead-27/25)
28/25mm (186-WarHead-28/25)

As low as $375.00
GAGE Big Valve “Stock Appearing” WarHead-S/A ™. This WarHead is the same to the WarHead-X™ but without any welding or manifold adapter and with smaller valve combinations.
Comes with stainless steel valves, GAGE F1 seats with 5 angle blended seat and manganese bronze valve guides.
Ready for your springs and retainers.

Valve Combination, Intake/Exhaust (Part No)
28mm Intake - 24mm Exhaust (145-WarHead-28/24)
28mm Intake - 23mm Exhaust (146-WarHead-28/23)
27mm Intake - 24mm Exhaust (147-WarHead-27/24)
27mm Intake - 23mm Exhaust (148-WarHead-27/23)
29mm Intake - 25mm Exhaust (153-WarHead-29/25)
29mm Intake - 24mm Exhaust (154-WarHead-29/24)
29mm Intake - 23mm Exhaust (155-WarHead-29-23)
25mm Intake - 23mm Exhaust (160-WarHead-25/23)
25mm Intake - 24mm Exhaust (161-WarHead-25/24)
27mm Intake - 25mm Exhaust (185-WarHead-27/25)
28mm Intake - 25mm Exhaust (186-WarHead-28/25)
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