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Part No. / Price:
122-TX200 / GX200: $15.00
123-TX390 / GX390: $25.00
124-TV200 / BV200: $30.00
126-TV390 / BV390: $40.00

As low as $15.00
Trunnion for Ultra-Lite and Venom small block and big block rockers.

122-TX200 / GX200 trunnion: for Ultra-Lite Small Block Rockers.

123-TX390 / GX390 trunnion: for Blue Ultra-lite Big Block Rockers.

124-TV200 / BV200 trunnion: (Hardened) for Black Venom Small Block Rockers.

126-TV390 / BV390 trunnion: (Hardened) for Black Venom Big Block Rockers.

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